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The Dangers of Senior Loneliness – and How to Help

With well over 325 million people living in the U.S. alone, it is difficult to imagine that senior loneliness could be so common. Nevertheless, over half of all seniors live alone, and more than a million of them are likely to be chronically lonely. In fact, virtually half of older adults studied stated that their principal […]

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Rethinking Aging: The Positives of Growing Older

A quick Google search for the term “aging” brings up topics such as “coping with aging,” “what you can do about aging,” as well as “the cure to aging.” The negative connotations to aging are, unfortunately, so ingrained in our society that it is expected that by 2021, we’ll be spending over $300 billion in […]

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Overprotective Children: Can it Be Affecting Wellness for Senior Parents?

We’ve all heard of helicopter parents, particularly when a child goes off to college. In fact, we may be guilty of hovering a bit too closely ourselves. Finding that perfect balance between caring and overstepping our boundaries isn’t easy. And now, with the influx of sandwich generationers providing care for both children and aging parents, […]

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Five Signs of Dementia to Watch for This Holiday Season

From the moment the door swings wide open and your elderly loved one wraps you in a warm embrace, through the festive holiday meal and each timeless family tradition, opportunities abound for not just quality time together, but also to assess how the senior is truly doing and if any red flags are noticed. In […]

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